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ensuring the bond revenues are spent [speaker not understood] that is on time and within budget and within the scope of the workout lined. thank you. >> okay. thank you. next person would be william bowen. thank you, supervisors. sounds like none of us were born here. i moved here from chicago in 1998. i had worked for kraft foods there. some of that experience i think is relevant for this circumstance. i was responsible for purchasing in the supply chain, so, i understand big organizations. we spent about $6 billion a year and we had about 55,000 people that were in the supply chain production and distribution. in that context, i did quite a bit of project management.
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more in the vein of installing computer system for forecasting and so forth, but i've had direct experience on the -- on project management. in san francisco in the time i've been here, i've done quite a number of things. two i feel really good about. one, i'm on the board at oakland military, one of governor brown's charter schools he started in oakland. i'm the secretary treasurer of the board. we transform lives. we have about 700 kids. almost none of their parents have gone to college, almost all the kids do, and almost all the kids graduate in four years. so, it's wonderful, wonderful experience. the other thing i've done here, i was foreman of the civil grand jury back in 2001-2002, worked closely with ed harrington and the auditors and the city attorney. we did two investigations which
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i was directly involved in on the subject of purchasing, how i was kind of curious how san francisco buys stuff and then i've done a bunch of that. after leaving the grand jury, we had a chapter, local chapter of the california grand jurors association. i was president of that for three years. we do recruiting, interviews and training for new people on the civil grand jury. one of the people on that grand jury -- this was 2002, was in the first cycle of the people on this committee, arlene singer. she served two cycleses and tells me it was a great experience, a great committee and something i would love to do. so, that's kind of what got me interested. i'm looking for something that's good government and not particularly policy oriented,
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policy for the elected people. the good government is something that i think we all feel strongly about. city has had some bad experiences with bonds back in just before i was on the grand jury, we had the problem with the school bonds and not -- i think some dissatisfaction with library bonds. we've got a huge bunch of bonds coming up, several hundred million dollars of bonds. this is kind of a management principle that is pretty important as well as transparency which had been mentioned. in the art of war, you don't want people that solve problems, you want people that prevent problems. so, you need to be thinking profoundly ahead of time and making sure the process is working properly. that's kind of a business philosophy that was important. so, i think it's relevant here that with hundreds of millions of dollars of bonds coming up, that we do them properly and not have problems after the
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fact. i appreciate the consideration and thank you very much for the work you do. >> thank you. any questions? seeing none, thank you very much. and our last applicant is jonathan alloy. good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for your time. my name is jonathan alloy. i was appointed in april 2011 to the citizens general obligation bond oversight committee. it is an honor to serve and i hope to continue doing so. during my first term i was twice elected vice-chair by my colleagues and have been strong partnerships with the chair, with our members, and with city staff to drive reforms that advance our oversight mission. i'd like to briefly illustrate some of those key achievements. first i lead the committee's first ever issuance of contracts for bond oversight using the $1 million in set-aside funds intendved for this purpose. we are now benchmarking best practices for community engagement and design reviews
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of capital projects to recommend improvements so that the challenges encountered with the bayview and north beach librarieses and lafayette parks and laguna honda hospital are not repeated. second, i called for increased attention to the [speaker not understood] program leading the public hearings and strength and focus by the controller's office and [speaker not understood] to resolve complaints on a timely basis especially those claiming retaliation for protected activities. third, committee members are now assigned adds liaisons to specific programs to develop subject matter expertise. i have personally spent many hours with dpw, fire and police working on the earthquake safety and emergency response bond including budget reviews and site visits to firehouses, auxiliary water supply system pump stations and the new public safety bond. just this week, for example, i was discussing how to ensure the rebuild a fire station in western addition respect surrounding neighborhood. fourth, following the tragedy
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at sandy hook in december, i brought the committee into the national discussion about gun violence in an appropriate way by leading passage of a motion for a directive for city officials to report on how we consider protocols for security for natural and [speaker not understood] emergency in design funded bond libraries and hospitals and other public buildings. i continue to fa fulfill the requirements for seat 3 by serving on the board of managers for the embarcadaro ymca, communications committee for jewish vocational services in the financial district, and as a member of the midtown terra homeowners association. i also spoke last year at the chamber of commerce, the coalition for san francisco neighborhoods, san francisco state university, and the university of san francisco. professionally, i work downtown at wells fargo bank. i have an mba and have completed leadership san francisco and california connections fellowship. i bring a diverse voice to the committee as a son of an immigrant, the father of two small children, and as a homeowner in district 7 paying
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the property taxes that fund our general obligation bonds. it is gratifying to know that i'm making a positive difference through cgobok. i am seeking a second term to continue working hard to ensure our bond programs are on time, on scope and on budget, that our audit and whistleblower programs run effectively and in the public interest, and that the committee wisely uses its funds to uphold the wishes of voters. i am very appreciative of the many recommendations i have received from across our community and ask for your support for re-appointment. thank you. >> any questions? i have one. yes, sir. >> so, what -- you've served for one term. yes, sir. >> and, so, tell me what is so exciting about serving a second time? well, i feel like i've really been able to make a difference for the city. when i look at what we've done, with emergency response bond [speaker not understood] response fund, what we've been able to do with the blood program, the branch libraries
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improvement project, with the libraries program, with the parks programs, working with parks and rec. i feel like i've really been able to make a difference and serving as a committee officer, vice-chair, and hope to continue doing so or possibly moving up to chair if my colleagues would agree to that idea. so, i regularly have conversations with the controller, controller's office staff, city departments across the city and i feel like we've been able to accomplish meaningful reforms that advance our oversight mission. one brief example, since i started on the committee, there have been a couple of people who have come and spoken at every meeting i've attended about the status of their whistleblower complaints. and this is meaningful to them because they're claiming retaliation. they say, we lost our jobs because we were whistleblowers for the city. now, the cgobot committee does not directly oversee whistleblower ethics, [speaker not understood]. we oversee the entire whistleblower program.
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i had a call for hearings. members of the controller's office come and speak about why is there a backlog of complaints? what is taking so long to resolve these complaints that are filed on the whistleblower program? because of confidentiality reasons, i couldn't discuss individual cases, but what we saw in the months following is that they cleared out the backlog, including the resolution which i think came before the board of supervisors very recently for a settlement in that particular case, the gentleman who was coming. so, very gratifying as a homeowner, as a parent to see that i can make a difference in the city. >> thank you. >> you know, i have to say i thought being on the rules committee would be fun. it's not that much fun. it's just hard. you have to make all these tough decisions. ~ about people you don't even know.
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so -- >> before we do that, i'm going to ask if there is any public comment. >> that's a good idea. >> thank you. is there any public comments for this item? seeing none -- yes, there is. come on up. you have two minutes. good afternoon, everyone. just as a colleague of minnie ingersoll, i want to voice my support for how thoughtful she is. [speaker not understood]. i think this committee would be really well served to have her be a part of it. that's really all. thank you very much. >> excuse me. he's not going to get away that easy. [laughter] >> sir, please come back. look, he's getting flush now. is that what it is? i want to talk to you a little more about your relationship with minnie. what capacity have you worked wither? which civic projects, do you
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work on a team, do you report to her, does she report to you? explain a little more. absolutely. we are colleagues at we both work on the same team. i don't report to her nor does she report to me. we're peers. she's really been -- i'm relatively new to google. i've been there six months. she's been a supportive mentor to me, the mission and goals of what google is trying to do generally, build confidence in our team. i have had chance to observe her, her thinking, aspirations, supportive of being part of the san francisco civic community. i've been impressed with that. like i said, this committee would be well served to have her part of it. >> do you live in san francisco? i do. >> actively involved in the community? i'm a relatively new transplant. [speaker not understood]. >> you'll be back. yeah. [laughter] >> okay, all right. so, you have known minnie for six months, which is probably
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six more months than we have known her. i have actually known her. thank you for taking your time to voice your support for her. absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you. any other public comments? seeing none, public comments is closed. and by the way, there are native san franciscans in this room. they're sitting right up here. all three of us. [laughter] >> thank you for clearing that up. [inaudible]. >> new people always think they're unique. [laughter] >> colleagues, i think supervisor cohen, you were beginning to share your thoughts. so, continue. okay. supervisor breed, do you have any thoughts? >> as usual, this is a
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challenge. it's really interesting. i don't necessarily feel that we really get a clear understanding in the applications that we receive of the candidates. and when they come before us, sometimes i'm impressed on paper, but i'm really usually blown away, it seems, when people come before us with a breadth of experience, with a lot of compassion and desire to serve, people with such amazing experience and talent. it makes it challenging. i like all of the candidates before me for so many different reasons. and i think our city would be served well with any of them. i do know that, you know, i can't say any specific names for any specific seat primarily
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because i have my different reasons for supporting different candidates. so, i think part of what i'd like to hear from my colleagues is just really a direction that they may be going in or interest in any of these seats for various reasons. as much as i think that all of the candidates, even though kia was not even present, i actually know her and respect her and respect her hard work in the community. even having someone speak on her behalf, that was quite impressive what she had to say. so, i -- goodness -- yes, thank you, supervisor cohen, for saving me. >> okay. let me jump in here a little bit. and really, my approach is we have an application, we have an interview, and then there are the facts. and the facts are such that we've got a committee where there are four men and there
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are two women. and and the ethnic makeup of this committee are primarily caucasian i think with the exception of you, mr. alloy. ~ alloy. >> alloy, thank you. so, i really make it no secret what i'm trying to do is, again, bring diversity to, to this commission, to this body, to any committee that we're dealing with here. because what i see this as is a committee a a pipe -- this committee and cacs are a pipeline that we are filling that will produce ~ the next leadership. so, the next supervisor, the next member of the board of education, so on and so forth. so, it's important that we are putting into this pipeline and training a really diverse population. so, we have the ability, we've got 8 applicants and there's actually 3 seats. so, i can tell you that i had
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an opportunity to sit down -- to meet with minnie ingersoll and met with kia, and then i believe jonathan alloy also reached out to our office. and also for the people in the future, it's really helpful when you reach out to us because it gives us an opportunity to have one on one time and to develop a more of a feel and sense of direction of who you are and what direction you'd like to bring the committee that you're going to be working on, direction that you're going to bring this committee in. so, i just put forward three names of folks that i was most impressed with. maybe that might help you. >> what are they? >> again, not a problem. ms. ingersoll, [speaker not understood] and ms. alloy. >> thank you for your thoughts. so, here's my thoughts.
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again, a tough decision here. but i am impressed with many of them, of the candidates. and the ones that sort of floated up to the top for me included jonathan alloy, your commitment and what you've done and you have proven that you're already in leadership within the group. and the other person that floated to the top for me was kia. and i looked at her resume. i didn't get to meet her personally. when i looked at her resume, the wealth of experience she brings into this group would be great. and the fact that somebody came and spoke for her speak volumes since the person that spoke for her, leah, is somebody i also respect.
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so, those are my two choices at this point. >> okay. so, that didn't necessarily make it any easier. but i did want to ask mr. bowen a follow-up question from his presentation, if that's okay. what stood out to me was some of the things that you mentioned about the past and some of the challenges that we face. i know that you served on the -- what is that called -- oh, civil grand jury and you also i think briefly mentioned some of the challenges that we have had with the bond for laguna honda and those sort of things. and that really stuck out to me because i think you understand
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some of the history and some of the challenges, including the school bond and other things that were -- the one that i was most specifically aware of was with the schools that was probably around 2000, 2001 where there was criminal conduct really. i think, i think most of the others were either problems that have been more i'll say incompetence, criminal kind of activity. and, so, i'm not expecting to find criminal activity. i don't know that we'd be specifically looking for that, but it's more competence of project administration i think that i'd be interested in. >> so, can you kind of explain the level of detail that you plan to explore as it relates to your responsibilities on this committee?
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so, projects can go wrong. scope documents are critical, and a path of benchmarks are critical. and i'm -- and there is always a amount of contingency, money. so, the attitude about how and whether the contingency money has to be spent i think is important. if you max the spending to fully account for all the contingency money before you really get down the path on the project, i think you can have a significant problem. so, an element for me is having benchmarks, having a very good scope document, having good review process, and understanding how you manage your contingency funds. >> thank you. thank you so much for answering the questions.
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i just wanted to say one of the other things that stood out for me when mr. bowen mentioned, and i may be misphrasing you, but you're more interested in preventing the problem from happening in the first place. and i think that oftentimes we forget that dealing with matters of this nature requires consistency and active involvement and really staying on top of these kinds of situations and they're very detail oriented. so, i just wanted to let you know i really appreciated what you had to say and you really stood out for me as a possibly great candidate for this particular seat, as well as minneola who i think would be absolutely wonderful, her energy and excitement about this particular job could
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really help do some great things. and i also really was impressed with what susan -- susanne berg had to say as well as jonathan. so, you know, it doesn't mean that i wasn't equally impressed with the other candidates, but as you can see, this is a challenge because i think the city would be well served with any of those candidates for so many different reasons. so, i am really -- and i've got to say as a big part of why i wanted to even be supervisor in the first place is accountability. oftentimes we lose at the hands of folks who have mismanaged and misused funds that were intended for good, like in the case of the school, the school board, the bond that passed for the schools. and the misuse of those funds years ago, and the fact that
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mr. bowen understands -- he has that history and understanding of some institutional knowledge and he brings that to the table. and i think that helps to create , you know, better transparency and oversight. and also with mr. alloy who is actually in there doing the work and on top of things and seems really passionate about what he's doing and definitely well informed. so, that's where i'm at. i don't know what to do because i'm not the veteran shareholderv. -- veteran supervisor. i just started, norman and i. supervisor cohen, maybe you can help us out, because i would have never expected a decision to really choose between such amazing people. ~ this is really a challenge. >> let me make a comment here. just so the public doesn't mistake what's going on with
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the school district, i'm glad you said that there were some issues with bonds with the school district years ago. and i want to make sure that people understand that was years ago. i was on the school board for eight years and there was no mismanagement. we handled a bond very well and always had an a-plus report. >> this happened before you joined. >> also we don't want to have people lose confidence with something that happened way before. so -- >> that's why this body is so extremely important. so -- >> what i'm hearing, i'm hearing one common thread between the three of us with the tough choices. i think mr. alloy has been mentioned by all three of us. i would venture to think that we could support him for one of the positions, i guess seat 3. >> 3. >> and, so, that leaves us with
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one more choice. is that okay to move in that direction? >> i'd be happy to make a motion to move mr. alloy to seat 3 as our choice from the rules committee. >> okay. is there a second? >> second. >> okay. without any objection, we will move mr. alloy for full recommendation to the board. do i have to hit this for him? [gavel] >> we have to do seat 1. >> right. so, open for suggestions for seat 1. there's -- there has been i believe -- want to make sure i get everybody's names correctly. where are they?
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so, i have heard kia's name mentioned twice and i've heard mina? >> minnie. >> i have heard minnie's name mentioned twice and mr. bowen's name mentioned once. >> mr. bowen was qualified for both seats. >> right. so, there's i guess -- >> i'm happy to make a motion. >> go ahead, make a motion. >> i'm happy to move minneola ingersoll to -- for seat 1.
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>> is that it? i can second that motion. >> seeing that there's two votes for that, i'll go ahead and make that unanimous. so, without any objection, we'll move omotalade? no, i'm sorry. >> ingersoll. >> ingersoll to the full board for recommendation for seat number 1. [gavel] >> thank you very much for coming. >> i think it's difficult to say [speaker not understood] susannes don't leave yesterday. -- yet. i don't want you to be discouraged throughoutv this process. what i want you to learn from this is outreach is critical. that you talk to every member of this body so we have an opportunity to get to me. that is also with regard to mr.
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bowen and mr. harper and all persons that apply today. it is more difficult to just go off of the interview -- two minutes at the microeconomicand an application. there is room for everyone at the table, and you shouldn't walk away feeling discouraged at all, that there are other capacities that you can continue to look to serve in san francisco in. thank you. >> and second that. thank you very much. okay. so, this item is closed, i believe. it's not closed yet. we still have seat 2. i'd like to have a motion to continue. >> so moved. >> second. >> with no objection, we'll continue seat number 2. [gavel] >> to the call of the chair. >> yes, to the call of the chair. let's move on to the last item, i believe. madam clerk? >> item number 3, hearing to consider appointing five members, terms ending january 31, 2015 and january 31, 2016, to the mental health board.
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there are 5 seats and 7 applicants. >> i believe [speaker not understood], you're here from the mental health board? >> yes. >> to speak on the duties of the mental health board. would you like to do that? >> mr. chair? >> yes. >> may i speak? i just want to speak on something else for item 2. i just wanted as a point of clarification, i think we had questions about whether or not bob muscat was a city employee and the city attorney has just informed me that he's not a city employee, but he is the executive director of local 21. so, that is why he was able to serve on the oversight board. >> okay. >> so, this isst